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New Vista Construction LLC is your one-stop-shop for all your drainage and construction needs. Construction Services are available for various Drainage Systems, Crawl Space Services, Basement Waterproofing, Dry Rot, Foundation Repair, Retaining Walls, Framing, Siding, Carpentry, and more! Whether you’re looking for help with something minor or need an experienced professional to take on a larger scale project — We are your go-to pro and are ready to handle it all. Our goal is to provide high-quality workmanship that is efficient and cost effective. Feel free to browse through the list of our services below, and get in touch for your free estimate.

  • Drainage Systems

    An effective drainage system will reduce landscape erosion and expensive water damage to your home and foundation. We offer a wide variety of drainage solutions:

    • French Drain Installation
    • Rain Drain & Storm Water Collection Systems
    • Landscape Drainage
    • Dry Wells & Catch Basins
    • Sump Pump Installation
  • Basement Waterproofing

    Unresolved water seepage in basements can lead to variety of issues overtime such as hazardous mold and structural damage. Our team will assess the source of your water problem and determine the most effective solution to resolve the issue.

    • Interior & Exterior Foundation Waterproofing
    • MasterSeal & TremDrain Products
    • Standing Water Removal
  • Crawl Space Services

    Let us help you with all your Crawl Space needs.

    • Crawl Space Drainage, Repair, & Restoration
    • Vapor Barrier Installation
    • Foundation Beam, Post, Sub-floor Replacement
    • Water, Fire, & Rodent Damage Repair
  • Foundation Repair

    Our team will restore the structural integrity if your home or business to what it should be. We repair and seal cracks in your interior/exterior foundation walls using hydraulic cement. In addition, we offer skim coatings for your interior foundation walls needing restoration.

    • Steel Plate Reinforcement
    • Hydraulic Cement
  • Dry Rot Removal & Termite Repair

    Dry Rot and Termite Damage will spread like wild fire if not managed properly therefore it is crucial the issue be resolved promptly to avoid further damage. We specialize in removing and replacing support beams, support posts, sill plates, and sub-floors that have been plagued with Dry Rot or Termite Damage.

    • Support Post Replacement
    • Floor Board Replacement
  • Retaining Walls

    Retaining Walls are an excellent solution to minimize erosion and control certain drainage issues, all while adding visual appeal to your landscape. These carefully engineered systems are beneficial for sloped properties as they add living space to an otherwise impractical area.

  • Framing & Siding

    Whether your project is large or small, we offer a wide variety of framing services to fit your home improvement needs.

    • Framing: Residential Single & Multi Family, ADU’s, Additions/Extensions
    • Siding: Cedar Panels, Cedar Shake Shingle, Hardiplank, Vinyl
    • Sheds & Storage Units
  • Carpentry

    Along with Framing & Siding we provide many Carpentry Services such as:

    • Exterior Flashing
    • House Wrap
    • Foundations
    • Window & Door Installation
    • Custom Carpentry Projects
  • General Construction

    Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, New Vista has you covered! If you suspect you are having an issue with your property but aren’t certain what it could be, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to take a look for you. We provide FREE estimates for your convenience.

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